The Mindfulness Masterclass

Embark on an 8-week journey to activate your limitless potential

and become the best version of yourself.

11 hours


20+ hours


8 weeks


11 hours


20+ hours


8 weeks


How would you like to restore your mind and body back to healthy balance and live your life in a healthier, happier and more conscious way?

What if through 10-20 minutes daily practice of sitting quietly, observing your breath, your thoughts and being completely aware of the present moment you could become skillful at self regulating your autonomic nervous system?

And how much better would your life be if you reduced your stress levels, enhanced your clarity of thought, improved your sleep, boosted your self-esteem, balanced your emotions and increased the ability of your immune system to fight against disease?

Many of us have this idea in our minds about meditation or mindfulness that we must travel to a far off place, shave our heads and sit cross legged in a cave for hours and weeks on end to become “enlightened” to live a healthier and happier life.

But modern neuroscience strongly suggests everyone can enhance their life with just a few minutes of practice each day by becoming completely aware of the present moment.

You just haven’t yet been shown exactly how to practice being here and now to achieve optimal bodymind operating efficiencies – until today.

The Mindfulness Masterclass is designed to activate your limitless ability and become the best version of yourself.

Whether you’re a professional, entrepreneur, student, or just someone looking to live your life in a healthier, happier and more conscious way:

you’ll experience life-changing personal growth as you rewrite your neural connections, gain access to the consciousness of your whole being and create the best version of yourself.

There is nothing you can’t accomplish with this simple practice.

Begin your transformational journey

It's time to live a healthier, happier life in a more conscious way.

The Mindfulness Masterclass (The Science of Inspired Transformation) not only helps you establish the daily habit of mindfulness practice but also trains you to become skillful at self regulating your autonomic nervous system.

Through a series of daily practices and techniques rooted in fields like heart-brain coherence and neuroscience, you will experience life with calm, peace and serenity as you experience the present moment whenever you want – all through an easy-to-follow methodology that literally anyone can follow and enjoy transformational results with.

What You'll Get

  • Full access to this program and all of the bonuses
  • A private support community
  • Mindful Journal phone app to write daily journal entries
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates
  • 24/7 text & email support

The Cirriculum

The Mindfulness Masterclass is a self-paced 8 week course, every 7 days a new lecture will be unlocked and the practices will be added to your student dashboard.

In just 15 to 20 minutes a day, guided by the voice of Eric Knouse Sr, you’ll not only establish a daily habit of mindfulness, but you will also learn the science about what is happening to your bodymind as you practice. With daily practice you will experience personal growth that leads you to life-changing personal transformation.

The program is designed to be both easy to follow, and instantly transformational. As you progress through the days, you’ll quickly notice tangible changes in your ability to focus, sleep better and respond to situations in your life with full clarity and emotional control.

By the end of the program, you will have established a permanent daily habit of mindfulness: allowing you to access this place of calm and balance whenever and wherever you need to.

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Take a look at the full program content:


Your practice space is very important. You will start by learning how to prepare your environment to send a clear signal to your mind and body that all is well, here it is safe to relax and practice.

  • We will practice the correct posture and breathing daily to obtain states of peace and calm that lead to inner balance.
  • Posture and breathing are two clear safety signals for the nervous system, and doing it correctly will cause your nervous system to begin to transform.


How you perceive what happens to you largely determines how you respond to what happens. Your perception is the key to this second week.

  • The first step in dealing with stressful and painful situations in complete calm is to create an interior space of safety and trust.
  • Perceiving what you live, within inner security, will transform the way your mind and body respond to the difficulties and challenges you face in your daily life.

After 14 days of practice, in week 3 you will learn how to observe the thoughts, images, and sensations that arise in your awareness.

  • The simple act of paying full attention, and observing your thoughts transform your brain, and weakens the connections that no longer serve you, so you stop experiencing all those repetitive thoughts about your life: about the mistakes you made, about what others think.
  • And not only that, but you also strengthen the new connections which help you think differently about yourself, problems, and difficulties, with greater perspective and clarity.

With each slow measured breath and focused attention, we learn to observe and experience our inner states as they really are.

  • Now that you’ve trained your mind-body to feel confident, and you’ve learned to observe thoughts forms, images, conversations, and body sensations without judgment,
  • it’s time to strengthen your ‘observer’ muscle and further expand your mindfulness skills.

In this session, we will present the first ACTIVE practice and explore emotions. You will learn to let go of attachment or emotional charge, that is, habitual identification with your familiar feelings and emotions.

  • In this fifth week, you will remember you have a choice to let go of and choose your emotion.
  • You will remember how to choose your experience from moment to moment.
  • You will remember how to respond to the arising emotions, no longer unconsciously or habitually reacting to them.
  • With this new skill, exercising choice, you will discover joyful freedom that arises in your awareness.

You are developing the ability to create and sustain your own experience in the present moment over time. This is an active exercise that further strengthens the observer muscle. You are becoming skillful at being aware of your own awareness.

  • As an observer, you will maintain an uninterrupted state of conscious awareness as we guide you to a state of expanded awareness, that is called “the peace beyond understanding”.


Throughout your life, you have unconsciously created a multitude of mental limits that restrict your true potential and prevent you from experiencing the richness and thought diversity that your life has always offered you.

  • This unconscious, habitual mental prison limits your ability to experience a personal reality more aligned with your true and full life purpose.
  • This week you will learn to transcend these limiting emotional boundaries that no longer serve you, experiencing fuller awareness as the creator of your own experience.

This is a fundamental and most important exercise of the course. You will learn to rewrite the emotional meaning of past memories that no longer serve you. You will be calling upon all the skills you learned in the previous 7 exercises.

  • With courage, recontextualize an old memory, observe the past memory, not reliving the past memory, freeing yourself from that emotional charge, and dissipating that energy. Leaving that old emotional charge to fade away.
  • Creating a new possibility of BEING and BECOMING. Discover what your Future Self feels like.

Take a look at what our students say...

people around the world, just like you, have practiced with the daily audios

" to let go of things and find your center..."

“The mindfulness exercises empower you because you’re no longer at the effect of your emotional mental state. You’re able to let go of things and find your center, your true you, and then come together in that way. In that way, it’s incredibly powerful and beneficial and has helped us tremendously.”

Lisa Bolden and Lyle Pifer

Boulder, CO

"Not only the practice but having..."

“I really liked how we did the practice together as a group. It was almost like a community of friends. We built beautiful friendships through the process and that I really loved about the program. Not only the practice but having somebody check up and keeping you accountable helps to anchor it in a little bit more.”

Rachel Michelle

United States

" help you to learn to get to know yourself."

“It helps you get to know yourself, which is what life is all about – know thyself. And I believe that this course assists you to help you to learn to get to know yourself. That is my takeaway and that’s why I’m a different person today and I am so grateful. I walk with such enthusiasm and in such confidence and I would give a lot of credit to this process.”

Lori Pascoe

Beverly Hills, MI

"...these specific exercises create a..."

“By doing these mindfulness exercises 20 minutes a day, it can be turned into a longer meditation, but these specific exercises create a neurological shortcut to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to then shut down the sympathetic nervous system. Over time and with practice, this becomes a path that we can memorize, and that’s made all the difference in my life.

Dr. Lisa Robin

Boulder, CO

"...I'm operating at a higher coherence..."

I FEEL I’m operating at a higher coherence, I’m choosing emotional responses, witnessing as Observer in Altitude all that my armories are collecting… less reactivity, Observing my responses❣️❣️❣️

It’s a Wowza!

Thank you 🙌

Stephanie D.

United States

" a mini vacation from the chaos of life..."

“The course gave me the opportunity to sit still; to replenish my mind, body and spirit. Stopping for those 20 minutes each day allowed me the space to be truly present (like a mini vacation from the chaos of life).”

Jessica F.


Meet the Course Creator

If you’ve been to San Marcos on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala, you may have seen Eric’s genuine smile and energy, welcoming the divine being that you are.

Eric received his angel wings in Feb 2023 and will be with us energetically, as his voice is guiding us through the course with daily audio practices.

From 2008 to 2023 he guided in-person and groups online. In this course he shares the steps he practiced every day to invoke heart-brain synchronization – COHERENCE.

These practices are the personal practices he remembered in 2008, which led him to begin his accidental awakening experience.

Eric led this 8 week mindfulness course for over a decade and read thousands of journal entries from people just like you, ready to transform their lives. He lived with confidence that you can have the same breakthroughs that he did.

His essence is infused into every area of this course. You will practice every day with his voice.

We continue to teach his legacy material and practices and look forward to sharing this with you.

Feel welcome to leave a gratitude story or image on his wall at Eric L. Knouse

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Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Danielle. During the 8 week course, I’ll be reading your daily journal entries and here with you on the journey. I feel grateful to explore this playground of consciousness together.

Connecting with Eric Knouse and this transformational material unfolded in a most synchronistic way while on a solo heart-led adventure through Guatemala in early 2018, with a focus on human connection, optimal wellness and wellbeing.

My B.S. degree in Earth Science has been fused with 200hr+ Yoga teacher trainings, over a decade as a Community organizer, Breathwork facilitator, and Mindfulness mentor. Since 2008, I’ve taught empowerment and mindset training through movement arts to thousands of people around the world.

As a global female traveler having been immersed in many cultures, I experienced how connected our hearts are, regardless of our location in the world or our backgrounds. I witnessed the universal truth of our shared ability to come into the I AM presence, without any borders or language.

Contact me with your questions at

#InspiredTransformation #InspireOthers

Your transformational journey, begins now..

The course also includes:

  • Recorded video lessons
  • Quizzes to help you remember what you have learned
  • Downloadable PDF's
  • Certificate of completion
  • Audios for guided practice
  • Direct teacher access
  • Mindful Insights
  • 0% pressure - study and practice at your own pace

Experience the power of being present



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When you join today, you get access to these bonuses...


The vortex is to feel the energy in motion. The entire universe is energy in motion – everything is spinning.

This practice helps you to remember how to safely explore and engage energy spinning through continuous and uninterrupted awareness.


Writing about your experience after each daily practice = integration of mindfulness into your life.

To encourage accountability, journal entries are automatically submitted to the instructor.



Have a video call with Danielle to celebrate your milestone of completing the 8 week transformational journey that is The Science of Inspired Transformation.

Experience the power of being present



* per month, split payment in 2

Split the payment in 2

If you prefer not to pay the full price now, we offer access to the course with this flexible payment option. The first payment is due now and the 2nd payment will automatically be charged to your card, 30 days from now.



* one-time payment

One-time payment save 25%

Ready to start the course? This option is a one-time payment and you save 25%. Save $53 by paying in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

Once you sign up you have access to the Course Orientation and Week 1 immediately. Then new lessons will be released every after seven (7) days. This course goes week by week, but you will have full access to all the content forever.

How long do I get access to the course?

By signing up for the course on this page, you receive lifetime access and all future updates to the course. You’ll also be able to download and save lessons and meditation tracks to your devices and keep them forever.

Do I need to attend the class at a specific time?

This course is self-paced. Fresh lessons and meditation tracks will appear each week. And you have access to all the learning materials 24/7 for life.

How much time do I need to devote each day?

Plan on an average of 30 to 35 minutes per day, which includes practicing self regulating your autonomic nervous system and journaling about your experience!

What level of experience do I need to take this course?

This self study course is ideal for beginner or “intermittent” meditators. If you already meditate daily and have a solid practice, this course is perfect for you too.

Is there any special equipment or devices required?

You need an internet connection and a computer. It’s also very helpful if you have a portable device like an Ipad or Smartphone phone that you can load your meditation tracks onto and listen to wherever you like.

It’s not required, but if you currently own a HeartMath Inner Balance Trainer biofeedback device, you can use it to accelerate your physiological transformation.

I'm not very tech savvy. Is it difficult to download the materials?

The self study course is very easy to navigate. Inside the course are video tutorials that walk you through how to download and save files to your devices.

We also have tech support standing by, if needed.

What about refunds?

Refunds minus 5% for administration and processing fees of the purchase price are offered to customers who email us at within 48 hours of their purchase.