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and calm, every day. You deserve it.

It's time to live a healthier, happier life in a more conscious way.


Self Study Courses

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The Mindfulness Masterclass

Embark on an 8-week journey to activate your limitless potential and become the best version of yourself.

Receive Daily Guided Audios, Weekly Videos and an Exclusive Journaling Phone App

What if with 10-20 minutes of daily practice being completely aware of the present moment, you could become skillful at self regulating your autonomic nervous system to live with less stress, more happiness, and more... read more

Previous graduates of the group course (2008-2023) are invited to beta test the 2024 online course.

The 1 Week Mindfulness Minicourse

In this minicourse you'll learn posture and breathing, so you can strengthen your ability to focus your attention, a necessary skill for building a healthy and happy life.

Completing 100% of 7 day Mindfulness Minicourse prepares you to for the 8 week Mindfulness Masterclass where you can create lasting transformation in your life.

Here is how it works

You'll get all the tools you need to build your habit of mindfulness.

  • 1 hour lecture
  • 13 minute Guided Practice
  • Daily Journaling

The 3 Day Toning Challenge

Find a simple chair to begin your practice.

Experience the LONG SiGH® A Mindful Science Toning technique that will help you achieve self-regulation and harness your body’s built-in ability to improve health with simple audible exhales.

read more

Day 1

Watch a 4-min technique video to guide you through a LONG SiGH® breathing practice.

Day 2

Listen to the demonstration audio of the sound of the LONG SiGH® breath.

Day 3

Practice along with a group of toning practitioners, in a group toning session replay.

The 5 Day Mindfulness Challenge

In this 5 Day Mindfulness Challenge you'll learn how to practice mindful breathing a.k.a conscious breathing, that is you will simply focus your attention on your breathing. When you become aware of your breath, you are in the present moment.

Here is how it works

You'll get a new task to focus on every day, for 5 days.

  • Start: Intro to Mindfulness
  • Day 1: Mindful Breathing
  • Day 2: Mindful Movement
  • Day 3: Mindful Eating
  • Day 4: Mindful Listening
  • Day 5: Mindful Communication
  • End: Mindful Reflection

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Give yourself the peace, tranquility, and calm, every day. You deserve it.

- The Mindful Science Team

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