The science behind mindfulness

Studies show that the practice of mindfulness is a scientifically proven way to restore our mental, physical and emotional balance, and here at Mindful Science we integrate this empirical knowledge into all our content. On this page we are going to very briefly summarize the science behind everything we do.

Research and benefits

Both medical science and third generation cognitive-behavioral therapies support the practice of mindfulness, and every day more professionals in the clinical sector recommend the use of Mindful Science to their patients.

Decades of research show us that a huge list of diseases and conditions improve significantly thanks to the continued practice of mindfulness: stress and anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, phobias, chronic pain and inflammation, obesity, blood pressure, premature aging, angina pectoris, fatigue, parkinson's, diabetes mellitus, immunological problems, premenstrual syndrome, ect.

The list of proven benefits has a direct impact on all areas of our lives:

  • Health
  • Antidepressant effects
  • Emotional balance
  • Deep sleep
  • Otimism and joy
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Interpersonal relationships

Mind-body connection

Every physical change has a direct and instantaneous impact on your mental and emotional processes.

And every mental and emotional change has a direct and instantaneous impact on your biological processes.

During moments of stress or during processes that plunge you into negative emotions, your body usually breathes at an average rate of 15 breaths per minute.

This rapid, shallow breathing acts as a threat signal that initiates a “fight or flight” response in your nervous system. Your organs shut down their growth functions, your brain limits your ability to think clearly, learn, reason, make decisions, pay attention or solve problems, and your mind quickly turns to fear, making your breathing even more difficult. accelerated and superficial. A vicious circle where stress and anxiety grow exponentially.

When practicing mindfulness , your body breathes slowly and deeply, and paying attention to this simple act makes your mind-body psychosomatic unity feel threatened.

You quickly activate a Relaxation Response in your nervous system, the psychobiological growth mode that is the counterpart to “fight or flight” mode. Your brain comes out of reactivity and all your cognitive and organic functions are immediately restored. Your mind gains greater presence and clarity, and your body relaxes.

Relaxed body,

calm mind

The premise is very simple: the practice of mindfulness allows us to quickly escape states of fear, stress, anxiety and worry.

The organs can devote time and energy to processes such as digestion, self-healing and cellular regeneration, while the brain, not feeling threatened, stressed and anxious, can engage in complex cognitive planning, problem solving and decision making using the prefrontal cortex.

We feel physically relaxed and mentaly aware.

After 3 minutes of practice

You activate a Relaxation Response, the opposotie of stress.

Your body enters a hypometabolic state where cells consume less oxygen (up to 20% less), your heart and brain a state of coherence and your pychobiological growth mechanisms begin to restore themselves.

After 6 hours of accumulated practice

Brain scans show that after 6 hours of practice various structural changes begin to be visible in areas related to your emotional regulation.

In addition, your ability to cope with stress improves significantly, as does your physical and mental health.

After 4 weeks of practice

4 weeks of continuous practice allow genes linked to diseases deried from stress (including deficiency of immune responses, various types of inflammation, premature aging, thinking of the cerebral cortex, cardiovascular problems and cancer) to modify their expression.

Give yourself the peace, tranquility, and calm, every day. You deserve it.

- The Mindful Science Team

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